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A personal project I created. I grew up as a kid obsessed with dinosaurs and I never fully recovered. Hopefully there will be more in this series.

Alex from Switch

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A character for a cinematic opening for a video game project at the NHL. The video game never made it beyond the demo stage but the cinematic got done and is currently in the final stages of compositing.

Augmented Reality Pig

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A low poly pig for a Van Hall project. The pig was created for a mobile augmented reality app for phones and tablets. In this app the the animal would display behaviours that were considered abnormal. The app had no lighting capability and the model had to look as if there was lighting anyway.

This model is fully rigged and displays a range of behaviours as loopable animations.

Cold Case Props

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Props for a game prototype featuring pre-rendered 3D backgrounds. The game took place in a mansion and the player would try to remove the evidence and escape after committing a murder. A prototype was created but it was never picked up for production.

Disclaimer: The artwork on the laptop was a placeholder screengrab of my own desktop, I do not own any of the things displayed on it.

Northern Meeting Wolf

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An asset for the Northern Meeting event. The wolf and the eagle played a big part in their product identity and their other media. They asked for a wolf similar to the one in their music video:

The wolf was to be used in a 3D Interactive Comic, but the project was eventually cancelled and repurposed as a traditionally hand drawn comic due to time constraints.

Northern Meeting Props

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Props for an Animated Promo for the Northern Meeting event. Rendered with Mental Ray materials.

Promo can be watched here:

I also wrote the promo and did small side animations.